Football Weekend 9-14-19

Saturday, September 14th

The University of Central Florida hosted Stanford University. The game was televised by ESPN for their 3:30p.m. game, making it the National debut of field. Thank you, to all of those who reached out to show your support, I received many messages from all across the country. The Knights, led by Dillon Gabriel, dominated Stanford the entire game. Gabriel thew for 347 yards and completed 4 touchdown passes. Stanford had some star power with Tiger Woods, who attended to cheer on his alma mater. I did not see Woods personally, but I heard he gave the pregame speech for Standord, unfortunately it was not enough to overcome the talent heavy UCF Knights. UCF’s win on national television showed the nation what Knight Nation already knew, they are home to one of the best football programs in the country. Next week, UCF will go on the road to face Pittsburg. Due to our partnership, the UCF Athletic Department was kind enough to invite me to fly with the team to Pittsburg. Although, my schedule does not allow me to travel with them, I will be flying in separately to hopefully cheer the team on to victory.

Sunday, September 15th

I was not able to attend the Patriot VS Dolphin game, but’s Director of Sales – Tile Division, Adrian Bustamante, was in attendance. As you can see in the photos, Adrian was able to capture the updated branding throughout Hard Rock Stadium. The overall aesthetic, and impact of our logo was much more enhanced and we were pleased to see the changes the team had come up with. Unfortunately, the Dolphins were unable to execute anything positive, and the outcome was a loss to the Patriots. I did hear that there were members of the Dolphins organization that read my last blog and were unhappy with my prediction that the Dolphins will not win a game all season. I was not trying to be mean spirited, and I want the best for the Miami Dolphins, however, it is what it is.

Brian Wedding, CEO,