A Need for Technology Based Contractor Network

                                                    I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to some very nice, top-notch [...]

Insurance Companies Change their Tactics for Millennials

Every generation is unique and has certain characteristics that set them apart from previous generations. Generation Y, or millennials, are known to be the [...]

Roofing Trends Heading Into a New Decade

With the end of 2019 coming up in a few months, a new decade with new changes is about to begin. Roofing trends change every year with certain roofing [...]

Data as the Major Key Player in 2019 and Beyond

Looking at long excel spreadsheets of data and analytics has to be one of the most boring and unexciting things, right? How do you even begin to interpret the [...]


This month, we'd like to give recognition to Kevin! We have received the following letter from a very satisfied homeowner.   July 23, 2019 Jasper [...]

UCF vs. Cincinnati – November 17, 2018

UCF discusses the challenges of facing Cincinnati this Saturday #GoKnights#ChargeOn #ProudSponsor For more information, visit [...]