Jasper Contractors, Inc. Seeks IT Management Services

High-volume roofing contractor’s growth calls for outsourced IT services

One of the largest roofing contractors in Florida is expanding company services and locations. Jasper Contractors has been in business for over 14 years and is well known as a residential roof replacement contractor having replaced over 39,159 roofs. This year, the company expanded into commercial roofing as well as launched a new tile re-roofing division.

“With continued expansion into new services and opening additional markets across the southeast, growing pains are bound to happen. It is part of the process,” say CEO and President Brian Wedding. “Jasper Contractors is currently seeking an experienced organization that can provide long-term IT managed services to help us reach new goals.”

Jasper Contractors has outlined expectations and service requirements in a Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP further explains the current technical environment at Jasper Contractors in addition to an outline of the priority items. Key dates are stated as it is an open submission to those organizations that can accommodate the demands of a growing company.

“Jasper is encouraging respondents to be as aggressive and creative as possible in their proposals. The company will only be accepting responses that include in-depth content and correct formatting,” says Wedding.

For additional information about Jasper Contractors or the services the company provides, visit http://www.JasperRoof.com or call directly at (407) 278-7788.

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