Driver, Timmy Hill, Finishes 3rd at Dover Int’l Speedway

On Sunday, May 3, 2020 Fox broadcasted the NASCAR Pro Invitational iRacing Series at Dover International Speedway. The mile-long Dover International Speedway is the oldest racecourse on the NASCAR schedule this year. Timmy Hill raced’s #66 car in the 150-lap race, and finished 3rd place, following behind William Byron (1st place) and Christopher Bell (2nd place). 

Ross Chastain took the lead immediately and was already four car lengths ahead into the first turn. It didn’t take long before Parker Kligerman overtook him for the top spot. The first accident happened on lap 13, when Daniel Suarez got loose and slid into the inside wall causing Kevin Harvick and others to run into him. 

On lap 23, Timmy Hill, in second place tries to pass Kligerman for the top spot. The #66 makes contact with the rear bumper of Kligerman, causing an accident, but luckily Hill was able to maneuver around him and not suffer severe damage.

Throughout the race, Hill continues to drive well and stay near the top. At lap 67, William Byron starts to work his way around Hill at turn two. Hill and Byron make light contact around the corner. Byron and Hill continue to go head to head for the top spot throughout the race.

During lap 114, Kyle Busch wrecks causing multiple cars to pile up behind him, and the caution is out.With 8 laps left to go,  Byron is on the bumper of Timmy Hill, with Hill in the lead. Byron tries to maneuver his way around Hill, but Hill strategically blocks him. With 7 laps left in the race, Byron eventually gets around Hill. Timmy Hill is now in 2nd place. With 5 laps to go, Christopher Bell works the inside of Hill to overtake 2nd place. 

Timmy Hill, the driver of the #66 car, finishes 3rd at Dover International Speedway. It was an exciting and very close race. is proud of Timmy Hill for another hard-fought race and for finishing atop of the podium.