Politicians taking an unfair shot at UCF over Stadium Naming Rights

"This [Roofclaim.com deal] down — $35 million is the third- or fourth-largest stadium naming deal in the history of college football; this is a really big deal..." Read more here. [...]

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RoofClaim.com CEO Hosts Live & Online Automobilia Auction

Brian Wedding, CEO of RoofClaim.com, has announced that he will be hosting a live in-person and online automobilia auction. The event will take place June 25-26, 2021 [...]


Knight News has confirmed Roofclaim.com expressed interest in a 15-year, $35 million sponsorship for the UCF football stadium. Read more here: [...]

After UCF scrutiny, state politicians kill FAU naming rights deal with Roofclaim.com

UCF athletics director Danny White and his brother, FAU athletics director Brian White, are not happy about political arm-twisting that nixed lucrative naming-rights deals [...]

LakePoint Sports to Host RoofClaim.com Elite Weekend Featuring Nation’s Best Youth Athletes and a Chance for Guests to Win $5,000


RoofClaim.com Elite Weekend


UCF Roofclaim.com Deal Gets Wrongfully Torpedoed

Nothing wrong with UCF’s Roofclaim deal, lots wrong with how it got torpedoed | Editorial Not enough people were looking when the University of Central Florida was [...]

RoofClaim.com Boca Raton Bowl


RoofClaim.com and Stone Metal Support local East Ascension High School

" Mr. Wedding:I wanted to personally thank you and your company for the generous donation towards the purchase of our new inflatable to use at our athletic events!  Our [...]

FAU Athletics Receives $5 Million Sponsorship from RoofClaim.com to Name FAU Arena


Nothing wrong with UCF’s Roofclaim deal, lots wrong with how it got torpedoed