Timmy Hill Heads To The Auto Club

This weekend #66 Timmy Hill takes the RoofClaim.com trailer out to California for his second race of the three-race swing out West. You can click here for the preliminary NASCAR entry lists. This will be Jimmie Johnson's last Auto Club 400 race, and his home club plans to honor him in a pre-race ceremony. The ceremony will include a five wide [...]

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#66 RoofClaim.com driver Timmy Hill drives in first Daytona 500

RoofClaim.com driver Timmy Hill
Timmy Hill qualified for Sunday’s Daytona 500 in the RoofClaim.com cup car after he beat out his competing drivers at the BlueGreen Vacations Duel. This was Hill’s first [...]

RoofClaim.com partners with Miami Dolphins and Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade to donate a tile roof to a disabled veteran

A recap of our recent partnership on a community project with the Miami Dolphins and Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade. All three organizations came together to make needed [...]

Avoid Insurance Fraud by Paying your Deductible

While home repairs, especially roof repairs and replacements, are oftentimes costly and unexpected, you as the homeowner must always pay the insurance deductible. There is [...]

Thanksgiving and Football: Turkey and Pigskin

This Thanksgiving week was one for the books for College football with all the wins and losses and commotions that erupted over social media. My weekend had a great start as [...]

Understanding RCV Policies and Depreciation

Whether you’ve dealt with insurance claims before, or not, when it comes down to payment and coverage, it can be quite confusing for a homeowner to figure out. Terms like [...]

A Need for Technology Based Contractor Network

                                                    I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to some very nice, top-notch properties for [...]

Insurance Companies Change their Tactics for Millennials

Every generation is unique and has certain characteristics that set them apart from previous generations. Generation Y, or millennials, are known to be the most tech-savvy [...]

Roofing Trends Heading Into a New Decade

With the end of 2019 coming up in a few months, a new decade with new changes is about to begin. Roofing trends change every year with certain roofing materials fading in [...]

Home Improvement Doesn’t Have to be Horrific

Is there anything more horrific than home improvement projects gone wrong? Your home is undeniably your most expensive investment. Your home is your safe haven, a refuge [...]

Agents and Adjusters’ Purpose with New Self-Service Trend

Traditionally, the role of an insurance agent is to sell the insurance policy to prospecting customers and to help acquire the insurance requested. An insurance adjuster [...]