CEO of Gets His Roof Replaced

I recently had my new roof installed by, the company of which I am the CEO of. installed a tile roof on my home in Lake Mary, Florida on May 21, 2020. Being in the roofing industry for over 25+ years, I realize how involved the tile installation process is and how messy of a construction project it is.

I had the team install my tile roof while I was away on business visiting other markets. I pulled up to my home and was quite shocked to see just how messy my house and yard was. There were large boards of plywood all over the place, men crawling all over my roof, and large machinery and dumpsters overtaking my driveway.

The tile roof installation process is a lengthy one and much more involved than replacing a shingle roof. Due to the weight of the tiles and the labor intensity, this installation would take time. The materials for the new roof arrived via semi-truck and were placed in the driveway so they are ready to go. All lawn decorations and valuables/breakables were removed from the yard so no excess debris from the roof would damage them. Almost as much preparation goes into getting ready as it does for the actual project. While I knew all these procedures took place, it still surprised me to see my home in this state.

I have concluded that my shock comes from the fact that humans do not like change or their personal space disturbed or modified. So, as you can imagine when I pulled up to see my home invaded by contractors and this mess all over the yard, I was surprised. Although the house and yard were a mess, it was worth it to see the finished product. The tile roof is beautiful, and I am very happy with the outcome. The crew cleaned up the mess, as they always do. After going through the roof installation on my own home, I realize the disruption it causes to homeowners’ lives. Rest assured, takes all measures possible to minimize the mess and disruption, however sometimes it is just unavoidable.