A Need for Technology Based Contractor Network


I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to some very nice, top-notch properties for business. Last week I was visiting Irving, Texas because RoofClaim.com is expanding into the Dallas area. I was staying at the Four Seasons hotel at Las Colinas, which is a beautiful hotel and golf resort. The Four Seasons has an 18-hole, par 70 golf course, beautiful pools to swim and lounge at, and a relaxing Well & Being Spa. I stayed in their gorgeous villas overlooking the golf course.

At around 3:30 am Wednesday morning, I was walking around the golf course. When I came back into the hotel, I opened the doors to find trash cans in the lobby and a leaky roof. This prompted my curiosity and I spoke to the hotel maintenance staff. They informed me that they were unable to get someone to repair the leaking roof until 7:30 am. It is as if the leaking roof was a chance occurrence that solidified what I believed the industry needed: a way to connect companies with skilled workers at any time on any day.

Similar to the way Uber is designed to work, what if companies could list their maintenance issues on an app and search for certified repairmen/contractors to fix the issue immediately. On the contractor/repairmen side, they can view the list of maintenance projects on the app, receive notifications about job availability, and see the location of each project on a map. My belief is that the technology is what makes connecting the contractor network easier. The goal is to connect the companies with contractors instantly, so the maintenance issues can be solved quickly.

This highlights a “if you can get it done, do it” type of mentality. The purpose of this app is to notify contractors of job availability and opportunities so they can be more productive and have extra earning potential. Also, this benefits businesses and companies since they can identify and list a maintenance issue on the app, and have it resolved quickly without calling around to different vendors. Overall, this provides value for both parties (companies and contractors) involved. 

My idea for a commercial app is to be able to connect companies with skilled workers, who are available to work immediately and 24/7, 365 days a year. This is a must-needed industry game-changer. This idea is something that RoofClaim.com is currently engineering and is taking the necessary steps to make happen. For us to employ this new technological advancement, we are hiring additional system engineers and app developers to help make this idea a reality. Please apply to these job positions at https://roofclaim.com/careers/. We expect to see this app coming soon in early 2020. My hope is that this opens up the contractor network, and allows for more communication, organization, and transparency as a whole.