Roofing Trends Heading Into a New Decade

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With the end of 2019 coming up in a few months, a new decade with new changes is about to begin. Roofing trends change every year with certain roofing materials fading in and out of style. 

With a strong economy, manufacturing and construction work on roofs, both residential and commercial, have been up. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), single family housing will continue to rise in 2020. Overall, the residential housing industry might stay flat or level throughout the next few years; however since the housing industry isn’t overbuilt like in the 2008 recession, there is still potential for growth. More growth equals more opportunities for the roofing industry to grow and develop.

Many companies, along with, have also improved their technology to maintain a competitive advantage and stay current. Drones are more frequently used to inspect roof damage so more damage is not caused by walking on the roof during inspections. Drones also have the ability to fly anywhere at any moment, which is more efficient with time and labor. High resolution pictures are taken, and immediately sent and uploaded to the company so assessment of the damage can begin right away. 

While this is the most game changing technological change in the industry right now, there are sure to be more advancements and improvements to come. is currently undergoing several internal projects that will overall enhance the user experience for all end users–property owners, insurance representatives, and’s contractor network– by moving towards self-service. 






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