Agents and Adjusters’ Purpose with New Self-Service Trend

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Traditionally, the role of an insurance agent is to sell the insurance policy to prospecting customers and to help acquire the insurance requested. An insurance adjuster is the person who handles the claim and assists the homeowner throughout the entire claims process. Most importantly, insurance adjusters determine whether the claim will be covered by the insurance policy and how much will be paid. While adjusters and agents’ jobs follow a thin line, they are not the same. 

However, these roles seem to have lost significance as of late due to the growing popularity of self-service. In recent years, businesses have realized that consumers do not want to call or speak to someone for every little process or every little issue they may have. In return, companies have been receiving influxes of customer service calls and have been swamped trying to tend to everyone’s questions. In order to fix both the consumer and company side of this issue, self-service, where the consumer follows steps on their own to attain their end goals, was created. 

Companies began employing self-service with the use of their websites and mobile apps. Insurance companies began making their websites more user friendly and easy to navigate so consumers could easily find and identify information, and not have to call into customer service every time they got stuck or had a question. FAQ and Support pages on websites started to include more information and details for the customer as well, which greatly reduced customer confusion. With a majority of the population owning smartphones, mobile apps were created and are a great way to target customers and give them access anytime, anywhere. Companies found that consumers would rather whip out their cell phone to look up information since it was faster and more convenient. All these logistical and technical changes began the process of moving towards self-service. The concept is so the customer can serve themselves without needing any assistance. 

So, since the trend is now self-service, where do insurance adjusters and agents fit in? What does their role look like today? Unfortunately, an insurance agent’s role is nearly unneeded anymore. Insurance companies are making it super easy for customers to simply go to their website or mobile app, and to begin the process of buying their own insurance plan themselves. 

Insurance companies such as Allstate or Progressive, allow their customers to find all important information about insurance plans, quotes, benefits, etc. right on the website/mobile app, so the customer does not need to discuss anything with an agent. With self-service, this eliminates the need for an agent. Any questions that are still left unanswered, the customer can always “chat with an agent” online or as a last resort, call into customer service. 

While an insurance adjuster’s position is more important than an agent’s job, it is still starting to wear thin and become nonessential. Field adjusters used to go out and inspect the damage at the homeowner’s home or property, but now many insurance companies and contractors are using drones to fly to the property and inspect the damage for them. By using drones, this saves time and energy having to send an actual person out to the property. Furthermore, the insurance adjuster is no longer needed to create reports and get measurements of the damage, because the drones are able to do those tasks as well. Drones are more efficient when collecting measurements since they use special technology to accurately measure and assess the damage; this method reduces human error. The drones aggregate all the necessary information and creates a report, and can automatically send those reports. Almost little to no human interaction is really needed during this stage anymore. While it may seem shocking that fielder adjusters and agents are almost unnecessary, this new self-service method provides a more routine way of doing things, saves time, is more practical, and overall simpler. 

The Do-It-Yourself mentality is something that companies need to get on board with quick, if they have not already. Self-service is going to be all around beneficial for consumers and businesses by saving time and making operations more efficient. has been working hard to move in the direction of self-service as well. is currently revamping their website and Support page, reworking the mobile website to increase user experience, creating a customer portal, and is working with A.I. technology to have Chatbot responses to customer questions. All these changes are something you can expect to see from in the near future and will make the self-service experience simple and easy to use. 




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