QBE Shootout: Naples’ PGA Tour Event adds “Jasper Contractors Spectator Bridge”

The QBE Shootout is literally bridging the gap for golf and Southwest Florida community golf fans this year.

The new Jasper Contractors spectator bridge has been built that goes between just behind the bleachers on No. 1 tee across the pond to No. 9 fairway. No. 18 fairway, and even the popular spectator area between Nos. 8 and 17 greens isn’t that far away.

“We’ve been thinking about constructing this bridge for a number of years now. we’re finally able to make it a reality thanks to Jasper Contractors and their support,” Shootout tournament director Rob Hartman said. “It’s really going to fundamentally transform the spectator experience when you come out here.”

It’s part of a continuing trend to add to the spectator experience that includes reaching out for what wouldn’t be considered the “normal” golf crowd for the PGA Tour event, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, at Tiburón Golf Club at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort.”Our goal continues to be to provide more than just a golf event to the community, to offer a little something for everyone,” Hartman said.

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